A Day in the Life: UW Bothell Student Joren Clowers

A Day in the Life: UW Bothell Student Joren Clowers

In Joren's words...

I transferred from Western to UW Bothell. I really prefer the small campus and small classroom setting. I know all my professors and they know me.

I live in downtown Bothell and walk to campus, because, who wants to pay for parking! Sometimes I stop at Café Ladro during my morning commute.

Between classes, my favorite on-campus food truck is Ezell's. You've got to try their spicy chicken strips.

I like to study on campus and my go-to spot is the Quiet Room. It's on the second floor of the UWB/Cascadia College shared library overlooking the wetlands. The Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory for environmental learning with protection and recovery of the wetland's ecosystem, is really interesting and a huge asset to the community.

Because I enjoy walking, I also like the Town/Gown Loop and the Campus Art Walk woven throughout both campuses. My favorite piece is "Ancestors" by Michael Dennis.

The connection between downtown Bothell and the campus is another huge asset. It's an easy walk and Bothell has plenty of things to do like a movie at McMenamins or a cold brew (my favorite is the Beaver Bait Blonde) at Beardslee Public Ale House. This connection will grow even more once the Campus Master Plan is implemented.

To learn more about the UW Bothell Master Plan that Joren mentions, go to https://www.uwb.edu/getattachment/campusplanning/master-plan/uwb-cc-draft-cmp-31-july-17.pdf. For more information about the Campus Art Walk and Wetlands Walk go to https://www.uwb.edu/getattachment/about/around-bothell/campus-walks.pdf.