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    Find your own Bothell experience

    choose your adventure

    Find your own Bothell experience

Pick your pleasure.

Will it be a day of distilleries or a weekend of shopping? We’ve put together Bothell’s best itineraries; packed with the locals’ favorites, must-do activities and best-kept secrets...so you can experience a Northwest adventure that’s as unique as it is unforgettable!

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Brew Hop Hop

Into craft beers? Make Bothell your weekend craft beer destination! Let the brewmaster introduce you to a few beers and trade some brew stories as you experience Bothell's brewing culture.

Woodinville Whiskey ingredients

Day of Distilleries

Visit one of the talented craft distilleries in Woodinville featuring whiskey, gin, vodka – even Grappa and Absinthe. In 2007, laws allowed for distilleries to operate, and then in 2010 regulations allowed distillers to also sell their product – in turn, opening the door for these tasting rooms to thrive!


Favorite Woodinville Tasting Rooms

Follow Wine Enthusiast's lead: they have proclaimed Washington’s wines are high-quality wines with value prices. Wines from the wineries listed are praised for their rarity and impeccable taste – but are just the tip of the iceberg of Washington wines! Get out and see for yourself how Washington wines have all the quality but remain resonably priced.